4 Ways To Make Your Small Bathroom Awesome

The importance of your bathroom can never be undermined, especially if its on the smaller side. Much can be done to make your small bathroom a highly functional and practical space. Lets begin by looking at what we can do to get you started.

1. The basin is a good starting point. 

We always recommend being wary of purchasing a sink that takes up more space than you actually need. The key is in striking a balance between size, space and function. Look for washbasins that are wall mounted that will allow you to create a lighter less cluttered feel throughout the bathroom. You can couple these with a nicely finished chrome bottle traps to add some modern chic.

2. How you choose to dress your walls says a lot about you.

So lets just begin by agreeing we are not going for wall paper this time round. Tiles or paint or a combination of both are your best friends (preferably lighter colours too). Having half tiled walls with a some fresh white paint can only do your space good, with the tiles adding much needed texture to the flat surfaces of your walls while the white paint works well at creating a more spacious and open feel.

3. Invest in a good mirror cabinet. 

Purchasing the correct mirror cabinet will make your bathroom look cleaner and more organised. Make it a point to search for mirror cabinets with shelving space for every day essentials, a power plug ideal for electrical devices and some good lighting for an added ego boost every morning when you look into the mirror.

4. Plant power!

While we don't suggest having a mini ecosystem near your showering space it would definitely help adding some greenery to your now very clean and functional bathroom space. The window sill and corner spaces are prime locations to add some potted plants.

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