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We Do Great Kitchens

It’s simple; we provide high quality British & German Kitchens sourced from some of the best manufacturers. Having over 200 door colours in a variety of finishes with different handle styles you are sure to find a kitchen that is practical, stylish and affordable.

Our mission is to make the process of specifying and designing a kitchen stress-free and dare we say fun! We choose to work in a collaborative way with all of our clients selecting finishes, colours and layout making sure everything fits, works well and is within the scope of the project.

Our Approach to Your Space

We believe each kitchen has to be as unique as its user. It is important to understand your lifestyle, your preferred way of cooking and how you would typically make use of your kitchen space. This type of insight allows us to understand your needs more personally, allowing us to do what we do best: designing and configuring kitchens ideally suited to you.

Over 200 Door Colours
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How We Approach Your Kitchen

The kitchen is a space that should be fit to perform many tasks, with the correct design and configuration it becomes the focal point of your home. Size does not determine the potential of a kitchen; it is more how you use the space available to you.

We take into account several factors when planning kitchens, below are just some of the essential planning considerations that we recommend.

1. Kitchen Layout

So you have a galley shaped kitchen? With careful planning we can make it possible to have that breakfast bar you’ve been dreaming of. Making rough sketches of your current layout from a birds-eye perspective is a very useful first step in understanding a kitchens potential. We can begin to list all the practical possible layouts combinations once we appreciate the shape of your kitchen and what we can and cannot fit in the space.

2. Correct Placement = Convenience

Once we understand the layout it is important to note how to make this layout fit for most practical use. For example, if you plan to cook for a large family having a suitably sized cupboard next to the cooker would probably make the most sense that would fit all your pans and baking dishes.

3. The Magic Triangle – How Efficient Kitchen Layouts Are Made

The work triangle is a concept we use to makes sure all major work stations such as the refrigerator, cooker and sink is at an optimal distance from the user. This way your space will be easy to use and will minimise traffic in the kitchen making your cooking less interrupted and more enjoyable.

A Complete Kitchen Solution

You shouldn’t need to shop around anxiously and have to manage numerous people working on one project. For this reason we offer professional design, installation and project management services enabling us to work with you from start to finish.

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