Terms of Service for CAD Design Service


"Provider" refers to Indesign Bathrooms Ltd., a company registered in the UK at 108-110 Sheen Road, Richmond, TW9 1UR. Company number 08258491

"Client" or "You" refers to the individual or entity purchasing the CAD design service from the Provider, as identified by the information provided during the purchase process.

"Service" refers to the CAD bathroom or kitchen design service provided by the Provider.


This Service Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into by and between the Provider and the Client and outlines the terms and conditions associated with the purchase and provision of the Service.


Service Description:

  1. Production of up to five rendered images showcasing the proposed bathroom design from various angles.
  2. Two rounds of design revisions.
  3. An in-person site visit for the purposes of:
    • Taking precise measurements.
    • Detailed discussion of design preferences and requirements.
4. Detailed estimates for both:
    • Product supply
    • Fitting & installation services
5. A specification document that details the selected bathroom products and tiles for the project.


Service Description:

The Service is priced at £500 for each bathroom. This payment is due upfront and, if the Client progresses with a project via Indesign, this fee will be credited towards the project's total cost, reducing it by £500.


After the included two revision rounds, additional changes will incur a £250 charge per round. A revision is constituted by alterations made after fulfilling the Client's initial design criteria.

Duration & Timelines:
Typically, the initial draft is furnished within seven working days, contingent on current workload. Clients must provide dates for property access promptly upon request.

Client Obligations:
The Client must grant property access for site measurements, communicate their design preferences clearly, and offer feedback through Markup.io in a timely manner. Failure on the Client's part to provide necessary access or information may result in delays or an inability for the Provider to complete the Service.

Design Subjectivity and Client Requirements:

The Client acknowledges and agrees that design is inherently subjective and interpretations of design requirements can vary. The Provider commits to working diligently to meet the Client's stated requirements and produce a design that aligns as closely as feasibly possible with the Client's initial specifications. While the Provider will make every effort to understand and deliver upon the Client's vision, due to the subjective nature of design, there is no guarantee that the Client's personal preferences and vision will be realised exactly as imagined. Dissatisfaction arising from the subjective interpretation of the Client's requirements does not constitute grounds for contract termination, service cancellation, or request for refund. The Client agrees to work collaboratively with the Provider during the revision process to clarify and adjust any design elements to best meet their vision within the limits of the Service.

Design Representation and Product Availability:

The Client acknowledges and understands that the CAD software used by the Provider may not have every specific product or component available in its 3-D assets library. As such, the Provider may utilise the closest available representation within the software to represent certain products or components. The actual products and components intended for the project will be specified and detailed in the product quotation provided to the Client. The 3-D design should be understood as the closest representation of the intended products based on available assets at the time of design and not an exact depiction. The product quotation remains the authoritative source for final product specifications and selections.

Client Unresponsiveness:

If the Client fails to respond to the Provider's communications or requests for feedback for a period of 30 days or more, the Provider reserves the right to terminate or pause the Service. The continuation of the Service after such period is at the Provider's sole discretion and may be influenced by factors such as the Provider's current workload.

While the Service fee is non-refundable, exceptions are made if a site visit hasn't been conducted, in which case, refunds will be processed to the original mode of payment at the Provider’s sole discretion. Should the Client violate any terms of this Agreement or fail to cooperate in the provision of the Service, the Provider reserves the right to terminate the Agreement without any obligation for a refund.

Intellectual Property:
The intellectual property of the design outputs is jointly held by the Provider and the Client. The Provider retains rights for promotional or educational uses of the designs.

Liability & Disputes:
The designs produced as part of the Service are crafted for inspiration and visual representation of potential bathroom concepts. They are expressly not intended for, nor should they be relied upon, to instruct or guide any construction, renovation, or fitting activities. Clients are emphatically advised against using these designs as primary reference points for actual construction or implementation tasks.

Any decision by the Client to undertake or direct construction or fitting actions based on these designs, particularly when involving third-party service providers, is solely the Client's responsibility. As such, the Provider is absolved from any liability and will not be held accountable for resultant damages, losses, or any other unfavourable consequences stemming from such choices.

These designs, despite their detailed visual nature, do not serve as or replace comprehensive architectural plans, blueprints, or the specialised advice of construction or renovation professionals.

For all concerns, disputes, or required clarifications, Clients are encouraged to reach out directly to support@indesignbathrooms.com.

Performance and Satisfaction Clause

The Provider endeavours to work collaboratively with the Client to achieve satisfactory design outcomes that align with the client’s vision within the constraints of practical feasibility and mutual agreement. The Provider reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate services and issue a partial or full refund of design fees paid by the client in the event that:

a. The Company determines that it is unable to meet the client's expectations or demands due to unforeseen complications, limitations in project feasibility, or fundamental differences in design philosophy.

b. There is a persistent and irreconcilable disagreement or discontent between the Company and the client regarding design direction, choices, or budget considerations.

c. Continuation of the project is deemed by the Company to be unproductive, contentious, or misaligned with the Company’s capability to deliver satisfactory results.

The decision to issue a refund as mentioned in section 2 will be considered a final resolution to the service agreement for the specific project in question. Upon such a refund, the client agrees that they shall have no further recourse against the Provider with respect to the design services provided and acknowledges that they are not entitled to any claim for the time invested or ancillary costs incurred.

Any refund provided in accordance with this clause shall be the client's sole and exclusive remedy, and the Provider's liability shall be limited to the amount of the design fees paid by the client.

This clause is intended to ensure both the Company and the client can part ways amicably should the project's continuation not be in both parties’ best interests, without lengthy disputes or recourse that may cause further dissatisfaction or resource expenditure.

Separation of Agreements:

This Agreement pertains solely to the CAD design phase. It is distinct from any other terms or services that Indesign Bathrooms Ltd might offer.

Data Protection & Privacy:
All payment-related data for the design service will be securely managed through Stripe.

Governing Law:
This Agreement is bound by the laws of the United Kingdom.


If any part of this Agreement is deemed invalid, the rest remains effective. Neither party's failure to exercise any provision herein constitutes a waiver of the provision.

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