PRO Tips: 3 things to consider for your new bathroom project

The simplest interior space requires a considerable amount of planning and preparation and your new bathroom is no exception. In this article we shall do our best to explore some PRO tips the Indesign team have to offer for those considering a bathroom refurb.


Research, research and a little more research. When you’re at the beginning of your project it’s always good to create an idea of the theme or style you'd like your new bathroom to emulate. For this type of inspiration there is no place quite like Instagram. The social media app which allows you to share your own photos while also letting you discover thousands of images simply by searching using relevant hashtags. For our purposes we would recommend hashtags such as #bathroominspo or #bathroomtrends or even just #bathrooms. If you do go ahead, check us out on instagram to see what all the buzz is about. Other good sources for interior inspiration are Pinterest and Houzz, but we'll cover that in another issue.


Scout bathroom showrooms / shops locally, call them, pop in and get a good feel of the company. Do they offer installation as an additional service? Do the sales team have the relevant technical knowledge to adequately specify products? Will I personally enjoy working with this company? While price is most definitely a fundamental consideration and we urge you to get as many quotes as you practically can - the questions mentioned are also crucial when deciding which company you’d like to do business with. Working with a team of technically competent and passionate people makes the process a whole lot easier, so be mindful when choosing who to work with.

3 CONSIDER YOUR LIFESTYLEPracticality vs aesthetic value

It is important to really ask yourself how you or your significant others may use your bathroom space. Sure a bath would look great but is it worth using up that space for it to only be used twice a year? Really aim to balance the aesthetic value and practicality to get the most out of your bathroom. Consider storage, ease of use and how will the products wish to purchase will wear and tear over time.   

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