How to Modernise your Bathroom on a Budget: 7 Great Ideas

​You have no doubt seen the images of luxurious, spacious and modern bathrooms. Full of dark pastel shades set against gleaming white fixtures. It is an invitation to enter its uncluttered serenity, and creates envy of those lucky few who get to divulge. Hold on a minute. What about those of us who are not film stars? Do not despair, we have you covered.

We are going to show you a variety of methods to refresh any bathroom and add a contemporary feel. And you will not need a Hollywood bank balance. Carefully selected to be budget-friendly and available to everyone, these seven ideas will help you make the most of your bathroom. You do not need stardom to have a great bathroom, just a touch of creativity and a helping hand from us.

Let's begin your bathroom update

We will start with reducing clutter and helping you to keep your bathroom organised. That is the first step to help you modernise your bathroom, and a step closer to a bathroom that will make you proud.

1. Functional storage

Your bathroom can get an easy face-lift with a good decluttering. Compact storage storage shelves, wall cabinets and floating shelves are cost-effective ways to add a touch of modern whilst increasing storage and removing clutter. Get super creative with some containers fixed to cabinet doors to increase space-saving options.

2. Accessorise

We are not talking bling (though don't let us stop you if that is your thing). A well placed stainless steel towel rail or hooks can do wonders. Adorn them with your fluffiest towels to maximise the effect. Simple good-looking sink accessories add a luxury feel. A stainless steel or colour-matched toothbrush holder, soap holder and soap dispenser can add a refined look.

3. Add Colour

Creative use of colour can instantly upgrade your bathroom. You could also try cupboard and melamine paint or tile and grout paint for a cheap way to renew older fittings. For a modern touch, try pastel greys, browns or graphite within a neutral colour scheme. Or how about a gloss black vanity unit with a white basin for a bold contrast that you just might find in one of those film star bathrooms.

4. New Taps

Did you just say taps? In fact, a change of taps can rejuvenate your bathroom suite. With many styles available, you can be sure to find something that fits your desired look and budget. For that contemporary look, brushed stainless steel or matt black with clean lines will do the trick. Try a wall mounted spouted mixer for that ultra-modern appearance.

5. Focused Lighting

Well-located subtle and purposeful lighting can improve the ambiance immensely, Halogen can give you more focused lighting and save you money. Did you know a halogen bulb gives off more light than an incandescent equivalent and lasts longer? That means it is greener too. Updating and relocating your lighting could be a good investment in both style and money terms.

6. Contemporary Wall Tiles

Feature walls covered with smooth and sleek ceramic tiles in neutral colours are a mainstay of the modern showroom. Adding great-looking wall tiles is a straightforward way to modernise your bathroom. Find a good fitter or talk to a reputable store for advice. With the huge range of tiles in different styles, sizes and colours you are bound to find the perfect look limited only by creativity. 

7. A plant!

Well, you can rely on nature to add a touch of class. How about adding a plant to energise a corner of your bathroom? Choose carefully to match to the available light so the plant thrives along with your bathroom's new look. We recommend Aloe Vera or Bamboo for rooms with limited light. Where a good amount of natural light is available, an Orchid is an excellent choice.

The inspiration you need to modernise your bathroom 

We hope now that updating of your bathroom is well within your grasp. Have you already put some of these ideas to use? We would love to hear from you about your bathroom makeover experiences.

If you are interested in taking the next step to the perfect bathroom for your home, we can help. Contact our experts for a no-obligation chat. They will show you how great design can take your bathroom to next level and make you feel like a star. Enjoy your bathroom!

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