3 Stylish Approaches To Furniture That Maximise Bathroom Space

What do we all want from our bathrooms? Looking great is going to be high on that list. Functional is sure to be in the top three. The chance to make the most of bathroom space with the illusion of even more may be at the top.

So are we going to tell you how to achieve each one of those? Nope. We decided that we would show you how to do it all at once. Creative and focused choices with furniture can open up your bathroom. This can create more space while being aesthetically pleasing and a big help to organisation.

So where do we start? Well, lets begin from the ground up. Literally.

1. Bathroom furniture that leaves floor space clear

The more of the floor you can see, the more spacious a room will look. And this approach to maximising bathroom space is easy to achieve. Lets start with the basin.

Wall hanging basin and vanity units

Here you get three in one. Your basin, a stylish piece of furniture for storage and no loss of floor space. Plus organisation is built in with everything you need right there while using the basin.

Next we take this concept a step further with clean lines that impress and an ultra modern look.

A stylish contemporary console with basin

Perhaps for you a huge amount of storage space is not necessary. A set of drawers may be sufficient. If so, a modern console with basin on top takes style to the next level. Could you see this as the centre piece of your bathroom?

2. Utilising wall space with smart bathroom fixtures

To maximise bathroom space, well chosen wall fixtures give you the storage and functionality you need while looking great.

All in one mirror and cabinet

Combing two must-haves for any bathroom saves space and complements a vanity unit or console below. As well as saving wall space, you have everything within arms reach when using the basin.

Compact wall hanging storage units

Here you have the storage you need in a compact cabinet with the rest of the wall free. You are also saving floor space. A wall hanging cabinet to match your vanity unit or console gives a modern and uniform look.

3. Creating space around your bathroom fixtures and furniture

There are alternatives to wall hanging. Creating a spacious feel to your bathroom can also be achieved with floor standing furniture. So here are two great options.

Compact combined vanity unit with basin

This offers an alternative and easier to install option to wall hanging. The compact nature of this furniture leaves space either side. With a mirror cabinet above, everything you need is in one space-saving area.

A free-standing bath

It might surprise you to see this here. For pure space saving, a fitted bath will give more. For the illusion and effect of space, a free-standing bath has much to offer. And with the added touch of luxury. Plus the bath can be placed anywhere.

Which method to maximise bathroom space works for you?

We would love to hear how you are making the most of space with your bathroom furniture. If you need more advice that is customised to meet the needs of your bathroom, contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our experts.

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